Case Study: Walking in the Customer’s shoes

by | May 30, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

Interact RDT was commissioned by a prominent and exclusive player in the financial services and banking sector.

Their client satisfaction was of paramount importance to them, and they wanted to ensure that their customer’s interactions with their organisation were as clear and seamless as they could be.

Most importantly they wanted to assess and understand what exactly happened between organisation and customer at each stage of interaction.


Our Solution

A series of workshops were held at Interact RDT’s offices with key stakeholders in the customer experience. Through these workshops maps of the current as is journeys a customer experiences were created.

Each workshop was hand on, and engaging and participants were required to use tactile mapping elements to build, and assess, their current customer journey.

Each exercise and question they were posed was directly linked to the project objectives, in order to ensure that there was enough feedback to map a comprehensive and accurate customer journey.

The goal was to build a clear, unbiased “As-Is” Journey Map that would serve as a basis on which all customer experience improvement could occur.


The Outcome

At the end of the workshops our professional services team analysed all the outputs and resulting feedback.

We then delivered a detailed presentation to our client, as well as the final product “As-Is” Journey Map

The map aided our client in understanding interactions through the lens of the customer.

Through the map, our client was able to identify gaps in meeting customer’s desired outcomes, as well as identify opportunities to meet and exceed their expectations.

Most importantly it facilitated meaningful dialogues with all stakeholders, and allowed us to re-engineer and propose a plan for changing operations to be more customer centric.