Spreading Warmth and Touching Lives…

by | May 14, 2013 | Assorted

Interact RDT recently launched the Jerseys4Jozi initiative to uplift Joburg’s downtrodden and keep them warm in the coming winter months. Our aim is to distribute 20 000 hooded sweaters to underprivileged people around Johannesburg, begging on street corners and at robots as well as those living in shelters or visiting soup kitchens around the city, during the winter months of 2013.

Recent urban statistics reveal that there are over 800 000 homeless people living on the streets of Johannesburg. Many say that for them winter is a hopeless time, having the authorities chasing them from street corners and experiencing a scarcity of food and donations. With winter fast approaching, we wanted to help make it a different reality.

Since its inception, we’ve partnered with a wider Corporate Team to ensure that funds and resources reach those in need, and that we are able to offer corporates all the benefits that an NPO allows (18A tax certificate etc.), as well as the much deserved press and media coverage.

We officially launched on Tuesday the 7th of May at The Clay Oven Settlement in Lone hill, and a Soup Distribution Point in the Johannesburg CBD. Joined by the cast of Jersey boys SA, as well as some our corporate team volunteers, the response was heart-warming, and the transformation tangible. “It’s amazing to see the difference in a person’s demeanour and attitude when they wear something they are proud of, something that stops them for being invisible and helps them stand out,” the Jerseys4Jozi team agreed.

So far we’ve been able to raise enough funds to warm 3000 people and counting. We’re committed to growing the Jerseys 4 Jozi initiative and reaching more people in need. It’s a chance for everyone to get involved and uplift Johannesburg and its people and your support makes a difference.

We’re also looking forward to taking part in the 702 Walk The Talk with our hoodies for the first time, so if you’re going to be there, look out for us on the day.

Any interested corporates can email, or call to get involved. We’ll tailor a distribution channel that includes your employees and fits in with your existing CSR programme.

Members of the public can also help by visiting our site and donating funds or purchasing a jersey for themselves. For every jersey purchased, Jerseys4Jozi will automatically give another to someone in need on their behalf.

If you would like to get involved or simply find out more, please visit jerseys4jozi.org. You can also call 011 994 9960, or email jerseys4jozi@interactrdt.com


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