Case Study: What content are customers content with?

by | Mar 14, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

One of our clients, a prominent player in the telecommunications industry wanted to know more about the current mobile content environment.

Through building an understanding of the mind set and perceptions of consumers, their ultimate goal was to be able to develop content offerings that suit the market, and by doing so, improve the usage and increase spend on their brand.

Rather than conduct an impersonal, off the shelf research project, it was necessary to develop a solution that would allow for unrestrictive qualitative research.


Our Solution

Interact RDT, being one of the few providers in South Africa that offer the solution, recommended a Market research online communities (or “MROCs” for short)

After an extensive profiling process of 137 respondents, 40 suitable candidates were selected to take part in the MROC. These participants downloaded content frequently from a predefined list of mobile content providers, making them a perfect information source on the subject.

They were then invited to join the MROC without being told which telecommunications provider had commissioned the research; this ensured that they were unbiased in their answering.

All members actively participated in tasks, discussions, games and exercises for the duration of a week. Although the MROC research activities weren’t as traditional as one would find in a focus group, they all had specific objectives and research goals associated with them.


The Outcome

 After a detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis of the findings of the MROC, the results were presented to our clients.

The presentation covered all research objectives, which included understanding the perceptions of consumers toward mobile phones, content providers and different types content.

We also identified the drivers consumers had for engaging with content, and their views on content pricing.


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