Case Study: Conceptualising with the consumer

by | Feb 3, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

 The emerging markets in SA are unfamiliar and slightly uncomfortable when it comes to data as they are unsure of what they actually getting and the costs associated.

They are cash strapped and therefore don’t want to waste their money on things that they don’t understand and doesn’t offer value.

Our client, a leader in the telecommunications industry, wanted to introduce a new data recharging concept to the SA market at smaller denominations so that it is more affordable and easily accessible to customers.


This would also position them as innovative, as a similar product doesn’t currently exist in the market. To do this however, the concept had to be tested against the prepaid market for likability and to capture need insights on that would help drive uptake and usage.


 Our Solution

 We suggested our Focus Group methodology; as it is far tactile in its approach than most traditional Focus groups.

A total of six focus groups were conducted, in two provinces. The sample comprised of an even split between male and female participants, as well as users and non-users of the brand. All participants were between the ages of 16 and 45 years old, and they had to be data users.

During the groups we evaluated participants data purchase and usage behaviour, explored barriers to data purchase and usage, and evaluated participant’s reactions to the proposed product concept and purchase potential thereof.

In order to identify and understand the triggers/drivers that make consumers purchase, mock-ups of the product and pricing were used during the groups.


 The Outcome

At the close of the project, a member of our professional services team delivered a detailed insights presentation to our client.

The presentation highlighted key learnings and recommendations that were relevant to the outlined objectives of our client. Insights

The presentation covered Data purchase and usage behaviour, Concepts surrounding data, suitable price points and of course opportunities for our client to improve their offering.

With the overall insight into current data usage behaviour, the project enabled our client to continue developing a product that truly met the needs of their customers, and the market in general.


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