Case Study: Having all your ducks in a row

by | Jan 30, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

 One of our established clients in the financial services sector was undergoing extensive customer experience auditing and development. They had already conducted research into customer experience but they were looking for a way to enhance the usefulness of the data they were collecting.

They needed a solution that would help them prioritise future customer experience programmes, and give them the ability to manage and monitor the customer experience being delivered by their organisation.


Our Solution

 Interact RDT’s proprietary digital solution, Pulse, was the perfect fit for this brief. It wasn’t just an off the shelf solution; in order to develop it, we worked closely with our client, and looked at their specific needs and objectives.

Using the previously identified physical and emotive pillars of their experience, as well as their existing data, we began building a customised Pulse Dashboard.

We also worked closely with our client to develop metrics and weight them according to their relevance to the organisation.

With the nature of our clients business, they had multiple sources of invaluable customer data already available to them. Some of these included customer feedback surveys, quality assurance phone call recording, and internal performance data.

We were careful to include all data that was available to us, as well as data from new project implementations, in order to ensure that their usefulness was maximised.


The Outcome

 With Pulse in its final implementation stages, our client has already started to benefit from this clear, consolidated view of customer experience.

We have currently built five modules, with over 10 sub dashboards all geared toward different aspects of customer experience. Included in this list, is the business case module, which contains a dashboard for comparing financial return to customer experience, spend.

Our solution has also put our client ahead of its competitors in that it contains an industry specific module in which financial services-relevant customer experience is measured.

Most importantly, the solution has not just been handed to our client; instead we are constantly advising and consulting with them in order to get the most out of Pulse, and to ensure their success in using it.


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