Case Study: What’s your experience?

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Assorted

The Brief

 Interact RDT was commissioned by a leader in the Beverage industry to execute comprehensive onsite and telephonic research for their brand.

They were experiencing a promising annual growth of a specific branded product in their range, making it a leader in its category, and they wanted to ensure that this growth continued.

Our client had launched a promotion which consisted of prizes, social media presence and promotional material and items that were visible at bars, liquor stores and other hotspots. It also incorporated radio, digital and live activation elements.

The promotion was rolled out over a nine week period and our brief was to assess brand usage, image perception of different brands, and the awareness of the promotion and its elements.


Our Solution

Our capable team of fieldwork researchers interviewed attendees at a live activation/event for the branded product. They were equipped with 3G enabled iPads, instead of the traditional paper based survey. This meant that they were able to capture detailed responses, as well as background demographic information, online and in real-time.

They were also trained and ready to deliver the optimum surveying experience, without inconveniencing attendees, as surveys were completed quickly and in a professional manner. They also asked respondents for their consent to a telephonic follow up survey once the event had passed.

Those who agreed were contacted 10 days after the event had passed. Our call centre team was trained and ready to deliver a survey experience that didn’t feel like research.

Using a friendly, engaging approach to telephonic research, they encouraged respondents to give their honest and uninhibited opinion, which contributed to the accuracy and usefulness of the resulting data.


The Outcome

 The onsite portion of the project achieved a sample size of 1005 during the event interception phase. The follow up telephonic phase reached a sample size of 309.

By calling them back 10 days after the event had passed, we were able to track their behaviour, see the effect the campaign had on the individuals, and the changes in their behaviour as a result of the campaign.

This assisted in measuring the effectiveness of the campaign, and enhanced the usefulness of the project. Based on our findings we produced and delivered a detailed presentation to our client.

During this presentation we shed light on both quantitative and qualitative data and feedback. In addition to meeting the specific research objectives outlined by our client; we delivered key insights and recommendations that were substantiated by solid data and feedback.



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