Case Study: Keeping up with their consumers

by | Jan 10, 2013 | Assorted

 The Brief

Our client, a prominent player in the Media Industry, was looking for a solution that could help them conduct research, and stay in touch with their consumers on an on-going basis.

The solution had to be practical, cost effective, and applicable to the digital sphere in which they were intending to operate their research.

It needed to enhance the efficiency of research, and the availability of relevant samples of respondents.


Our Solution

Interact RDT suggested launching an exclusive Online Panel for the Media Group.

Having successfully launched our own panel, we had the knowledge and expertise to assist our client in creating a sustainable solution.

We then designed a branded panel, and with the help on our online sampling and panel management software partner, Marsc, built a fully functioning interface.

We assisted in the strategy for recruiting panellists, and made recommendations to ensure the longevity of the panel.

Part of this strategy involved incentivising respondent participation; something which we firmly believe is a key driving factor for online research.


The Outcome

 The panel was successful in not only helping our clients meet the outlined objectives, but also in empowering their consumers with the means to express their opinions.

The Panel went through a refresher and reinvention process in 2013, and continues to be an essential tool in our client’s research activities.