Case Study: Listening to what matters most

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Assorted

The Brief

 We were commissioned by a market leader in the broadcasting Industry, to assist them in truly capturing their customers views and opinions.

The organisation prized customer centricity and customer experience in general, very highly. However they were struggling logistically to cater to their customers and resolve their issues within the desired timeframes.

Firstly, they had the available resources to action complaint resolution, but their internal processes and systems weren’t suited to real-time complain escalation.

Secondly, they were interested in hearing what customers say, but the structure of their research meant that they were only really listening at the times that they chose, which meant that customer feedback really wasn’t given in the moments that mattered to the customer.

They were willing to change, but they needed the necessary planning and direction in order to make it a success.


  Our Solution

 Interact RDT suggested implementing the Digium Enterprise Feedback Management Software to its full use and advantage.

While Digium is traditionally used only for online survey creation, distribution and reporting – we were able to customise it to suit their explicit objectives.

We integrated Digium with their current CRM systems in order to automate the process of sending surveys out after their customer interacted with them through each of their various touch points.

These post interaction surveys ensured not only that customers had the opportunity to have their say, but most importantly, they were able to have their say while the experience was still fresh in their minds.

When our client received these surveys they included context-providing background information of the customer such as their Name, contact details, account number and account balance, etc.

This was made possible by easily extracting this background data from their system into the survey, which was then saved along with the customer’s response.

We used Digium to provide real time feedback to managers, in the form of meaningful, yet automatically compiled reporting.  Report sharing was also set up by the Voice Of The Customer administrator, and it automatically set a report to the division manager via email – without constant human intervention.

The most exciting improvement to our clients issue resolution process was the addition of alert settings that could automatically trigger an email to the relevant person within the organisation.

This meant that if a customer rated a certain aspect of their experience with the organisation below the set target, an email was automatically triggered off to a service recovery team who then contacted the customer in order to quickly resolve the matter.


The Outcome

 There has been a marked impact of the solution, with regards to improved satisfaction and retention of customers within our client’s organisation.

The Post Interaction Surveys received a healthy response rate amongst the organisations customers. Most importantly, our client noticed a marked improvement in the detail and context that customers were providing in their feedback.

Going further our client’s employees were empowered to fulfil their roles better, with an increased job satisfaction from an increased number of appreciative customers. The changes to the issue resolution process have also ensured that the organisation is able to utilise all relevant resources, and that there are no gaps in the flow of customer feedback.

Most importantly, our client continues to use the solution in order to improve their offering to the customer. This means that rather than a novelty or one time pilot within their research and customer strategy, the Voice of The Customer Solution has become a pivotal part of their organisation.


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