Case Study: Giving consumers an opinion portal

by | Nov 30, 2012 | Assorted

The Brief

 We were tasked with creating a panel for one of a prominent client in the Media Industry.

There was a short time frame, and the panel needed the functionality to allow for prize redemption, and participation from both English and Afrikaans speaking people.

With most users not being completely internet savvy, the panel also needed to be simple, fresh and engaging – without confusing members in any way.


Our Solution

 Our In-house design and marketing team got on board to create a brand identity for the panel that would tie in and include all sub brands of our client.

We worked closely with our client to ensure that the direction, look and feel, and general functionality of the panel were designed in relation to their explicit requirements.

After completing the design phase, we contacted Marsc, our exclusive partner in sample and panel management software.

We provided them with a detailed roadmap of the design elements as well as functionality that needed to be included on the panel in order to ensure a successful and pleasant user experience.


The Outcome

 Within four weeks, the team at Marsc had built and tested our client’s panel. It also went through rigorous checks by the project lead within our own team.

However, as with many intricate technology products, there were initial bugs and hiccups. But we successfully corresponded with our client to ensure that all concerns were handled and where necessary, fixed, to ensure they met their launch deadline.

Once the panel was launched, it received a high level of support from panel members, and our client enjoyed energised registration rates, as well as more interest in their new panel than there was in previous research exercises.


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