Case Study: A solution for customer-centricity

by | Oct 1, 2012 | Assorted

The Brief

 We were commissioned by a leading financial services provider to improve the overall customer centricity of their organisation.

They needed to identify the service and emotive pillars of their customer experience offering, uncover exactly what their customer journey war, and most importantly innovate and improve the customer journey.

They also needed to identify and prioritise projects, from the feedback of all their stakeholders, which would enable customer experience.


Our Solution

 We implemented our comprehensive Journey To Customer Centricity solution.

In addition to involving all their key holders in the production and analysis of journey maps, we also conducted detailed competitor analyses in order to find ways of properly differentiating our client.

We formulated pillars based on the strength of all stakeholder feedback, truly uncovering what mattered to them most.

We then used real customers to validate the journeys that were created, in order to get the full picture of the organisation’s relationship with its customers.

 Through the collected feedback, we categorised all the suggestions for improvement into 6 key themes. We then grouped them on their frequency of appearance in order to prioritise which were of most importance to the customer experience of the organisation.

Finally through the use of “To be” Journey maps, we delivered a comprehensive vision for what their customer experience needed to encompass. This plan was accompanied by a list of prioritised projects that needed to be rolled out in order to realise it, sustainably.


The Outcome

We delivered a comprehensive presentation to the Executive committee.

With the wealth of insights and knowledge about the customer journey, they were immediately able to identify issues that had previously slipped under the radar.

In addition to these findings, they also had a list of prioritised projects at their disposal. Projects that have since, been rolled out to improve their organisation

Finally, they had the knowledge they needed to make more informed customer experience decisions, and they had a clear roadmap to becoming customer centric.


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