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by | Jul 27, 2012 | Assorted

The Annual Southern African Marketing Research (SAMRA) Conference officially kicks off on the 16th of August. As a SAMRA member and one of the sponsors of the conference, we will be there to see what new innovations and breakthroughs have happened in the industry over the past year.

One event in particular, has especially caught our eye. The day long workshop entitled Measuring Emotions: Quantifying A Love Affair promises to be a worthwhile journey into the world of Qualitative Research. Led by Brainjuicer’s Juicy Evangelist, Will Goodhand; the workshop will start at 08:00am on the 15th of August, a day before the official conference.

We’ll be tweeting live from the workshop, and during the rest of the conference, so if you’d like a front row seat to the progress that’s been made in research over the past year, follow @InteractRDT on twitter.

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