Interact Insights Seminars

by | Feb 28, 2011 | Assorted

At Interact we have been hosting short Insights Seminars following the great success we had at the Marcus Evans conference in 2010.

We have recently completed the latest leg of our Insights Seminars entitled “Technology: Breaking Research Boundaries”.  The seminar focused on what new technologies are available to enhance the way in which research is conducted. The presentation given by our Managing Director Gary Greenfield yielded some truly powerful insights into new research technologies.

Aspects such as the following were covered in detail:

  • Using technology to improve on traditional research methodologies.
  • New viable platforms for research were identified as well as real case studies to demonstrate how their practical application works.
  • Using technology to enhance customer centricity and how to improve customer input into daily business decisions in a quick and effective manner.
  • How to consolidate and share research data across various departments within an organisation for enhanced continuity of operations within an organisation.

We are soon going to be launching an all new Insights Seminar that deals with the management and measurement of digital touch points within an organisation. If you are interested in this topic or in attending future seminars please click the link below in order to be kept informed of upcoming Insights Seminars and dates.

>> Inform me of Future Insights Seminars


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