Interact Sponsors Marcus Evans Conference

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Interact is proud to announce that we will be sponsoring a Marcus Evans conference entitled “Optimising Best Research Practices.”

The conference, boasts prolific speakers including our own Managing Director, Gary Greenfield who will be giving a talk on utilising technology to break the boundaries to doing research.

There will also be practical case studies and insights from varying industries, that will enable delegates to glean every conceivable benefit from a research process. Delegates will leave the conference with toolkits to be used in their businesses that will foster sustainable competitive edge and enhance greater understanding of the fast changing market.

Key Topics:

  • Aligning your research with key business objectives to ensure relevant business research results.
  • Utilising deeper research insights to anticipate consumer desires and changing buying behaviours.
  • Highlighting cost effective and faster-to-market research processes to keep up with constantly changing markets.
  • Gaining management buy-in and engagement by stressing the importance of the research division to management decision making.
  • Using research to set your company apart from competitors – research as a competitive advantage

Key Speakers:

Gary Greenfield – Managing Director
Interact RDT

Elouise Kelly – Chief Marketing Officer
TopTV, On Digital Media

Laura Kaufman – Market Research Analyst

Christelle Hicklin – Relationship Artiste
Virgin Mobile

Elsa Thirion-Venter – Chair Elect
South African Marketing Research Association

Mbetho Sineke – Oil Industry Researcher and Analyst
Engen Petroleum

Therese Kallie – Director: Consumer Communication and Marketing Excellence
Nestle SA

Sunjay Lutchman – Head: Economic Stress Testing

Sanett Uys – Group Research Manager
Broll Property Group

Ansunette Greeff – Insight and Planning Manager

Timothy Akinnusi – Head: E-commerce and Online Services
Clientele Ltd

Nurjehaan Parkar – Business Intelligence Manager: Market Research
Old Mutual


When & Where:

5 & 6 August 2010
Crowne Plaza, The Rosbank Hotel

If you are intrested in attending the event or if you have any queries please contact:

Shaughan Schultz
Tel:011 268 4600
Cell:083 491 9168


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