New products from Interact RDT put’s research firmly in the client’s hands

by | Mar 12, 2010 | Assorted

Interact RDT, the brand experience research consultancy, has launched two new research products that will enable clients to control their own sample management and research.

The first; the Digium Enterprise Feedback solution, is an online research tool  that allows users to create and distribute their own questionnaires as well as track and analyse all responses in real time. The Digium program provides incredible flexibility in survey design and comes with a broad range of functionality that allows organisations of any size to manage their own feedback projects. In addition, Digium provides comprehensive reporting and analysis functionality that generates meaningful reports without the involvement of external research consultants.

The application for the Digium online tool is vast and can be used for any kind of feedback, from satisfaction surveys to project monitoring and even event RSVPs or course enrolment and feedback.

“Although comprehensive research studies conducted by external research houses must be a key element in any company’s marketing mix, this is often not enough to stay nimble-footed and competitive in measuring and assessing market perception,” says Dave Benjamin, founder and CEO of Interact RDT. “We often recommend to clients that they look to additional methods of obtaining more regular feedback to ensure a rapid response to stakeholder needs. But in today’s trying economic times, achieving business objectives like this by using outside vendors often proves unaffordable and for this reason, many companies don’t implement these critical strategies to their detriment.”

The second exciting new research solution is MARSC, a powerful sample and interviewing contact management system. The system is designed to ensure that ongoing customer communication is managed appropriately within industry and client-specific norms. This is achieved by the creation of rules within the system. MARSC also allows users to store a wealth of information about customers so that communication is well targeted and relevant for each recipient.  All samples are managed through MARSC’s easy-to-use point and click functionality.

Both of these new products are available from Interact RDT’s product division, Kysymys Distribution. “We created a separately branded operating unit specifically to offer clients a suite of products that empower them to manage measurement initiatives independently of ourselves,” says Benjamin. “Of course, this service comes at a fraction of the cost of using a traditional research house but it has always been our philosophy to ensure that the value we provide far exceeds the cost of using our services.”


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