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by | Jan 28, 2010 | Market Research

7 | InteractRDT | Insights and Experience Design AgencyInteract has recently launched its highly anticipated Online Panel opening up a whole new world of research possibilities. Interacts Online Panel is a community of willing panel members who partake in various research activities, providing a wealth of consumer insight to our clients. All panel members are profiled against their demographics, lifestyle and media habits making it a seamless task to access a group of respondent’s representative of your target market at a relatively low cost. Access to a targeted sample of panel members can also be determined by your company’s needs, objectives and any other specific criteria a business might have.

Firstly our Online Panel provides online panel activities in the form of online surveys which are quick, easy, cost effective and provide the results in no time. Secondly we are also one of the first Online Panels to offer offline, in-person panel activities in the form of focus groups, mystery shopping, telephonic surveys and face to face interviews. This is done because online surveys, as great as they are, are only capable of so much but the Online Panels remains a indispensable resource for accessing targeted samples for other types of research.

By providing so many different platforms with which to access panel members we are always able to provide a solution that will give you the best quality results. These platforms allow you to test product, service, advertising, packaging and concept in an environment that provides the best results. In addition to this you are also able to get a good understanding of your consumer’s behaviour, attitudes, needs and use, no matter the platform.

A key aspect of any research project is the quality of the sample from which you derive your data, otherwise how can you ensure that your results are accurate? To ensure this sample quality we recruit panel members on an ongoing basis to maintain the diversity of our database. Panel member information is always kept up-to-date to make sure that an given profile remains relevant. In addition to this all member profiles are continuously tracked and monitored to ensure the quality of the panel members and their responses.

Another not so favourable aspect of conducting research is the analysis of the results which can become a tedious task; we too have made this a straightforward process. Results and analysis are accessible to you in different forms, the first being Real-time results which are accessed via the web, which is simple and fast. A Summary Report, which is a brief report compiled on the results by our research analysts. A Detailed Analysis, which is a thorough analysis extrapolating any possible insights and correlations out of the data which would otherwise not be available in a high level analysis. Lastly Dashboard Reporting, which is an advanced reporting tool that allows for the drill-down of report data to suit specific business needs and situations.

Overall the Interact Online Panel is an indispensable resource for conducting research as it provides you with endless research options and ease of use, making the task of conducting research effortless. If you are interested in the Online Panel please speak with one of our consultants who would be glad to assist you with any queries you might have. Please speak with either Melissa or Nyasha on 011 268 4600.

Click Here to view our panel presentation or Click Here to join our online panel and see how it all works.