Mindworx Salary Survey in Association with Interact RDT

by | Jun 8, 2009 | Assorted


Interact RDT has just entered into a joint venture with Mindworx Consulting, a leading South African company that provides contract and permanent placement services to its clients in both the public and private sectors.

As a professional services firm, Mindworx differentiates itself from its competitors by applying a business approach to understanding the needs of our clients and thereby meeting clients expectations through a thorough needs analysis and matching of contractor skills and competencies.

In a further attempt to widen the gap between its competitors, Mindworx has decided to sponsor an annual survey aimed at business professionals that will focus on a multitude of topics including salary ranges, employment experience, project focus areas and much more!

Interact RDT was selected as an obvious partner for the project because of our understanding of employee experience issues and our research competence.

The survey will be launched online during June 2009 and we expect to distribute the results during August 2009.

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