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Interact - Online Panel

As a platform for customer research, the Interact RDT Online Panel works both efficiently and effectively. When members sign up to be a part of the panel, it acts as a database, storing specific demographics and lifestyle indicators which allow us to easily select detailed samples.

With our membership database is growing every day, the Panel enables us to really get in touch with consumers and gauge their attitude, needs and behaviour all from a digital outlet. We can, for instance, release digital surveys that can be answered and turned into data - in real time.

The Online Panel also serves as a recruiting tool, allowing us to select mystery shoppers, focus group attendees, and even one-on-one interviewees, based on the specific criteria of our clients.

Because of our extensive profiling on the Panel, we never have to sacrifice the quality of our samples for faster turnaround times. Easy selection of readily available samples means that more time can actually be spent on survey analysis and reporting.

For us it means we are constantly able to track consumer trends at the click of a button, but beyond that it saves our clients time, money and resources that could be better spent.