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Customer Experience Is Not User Experience (And Why This Distinction Matters)

23 Mar , 2017  


User experience (UX) is not customer experience (CX). CX spans everything from the perceptions customers build using a company’s web store to customer service, product trials and more. How are the two interlinked and how can good UX improve overall CX? Defining User Experience UX is the customer or user’s interaction with a product (such […]

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Is The Focus Group Dead? Four Groups That Show Its Power

22 Mar , 2017  

Focus Group

In recent years, some digital pundits have claimed the death of the focus group. Publications as influential as the Wall Street Journal have claimed that new approaches to customer listening have made focus groups redundant. Although we tend to look forwards to new innovations, it’s worth remembering significant ways focus groups have changed the world. […]


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Twitter for Product Feedback? Broader Customer Intelligence is Key

20 Mar , 2017  

Twitter Product Feedback

These days, CEOs of major companies are active on Twitter, such as Elon Musk of Tesla. Some even use it to open direct lines of communication with customers. Is Twitter (or social media in general) useful for gathering actionable customer insights, though? Yes and no. Read about the positive ways CEOs are using Twitter for […]


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Customer Insights: 5 Ways Millennials And Generation ‘Z’ Differ

17 Mar , 2017  


Understanding differences between target demographics is crucial for segmenting how you deliver a personalised, effective customer experience. Generational differences affect people’s lifestyle choices and values. If a business has a customer base consisting largely of ‘generation Z’ individuals (people born after 1995), for example, this should inform UX design and customer experience strategy. Younger customers […]


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Ebook: Getting Focus Groups Right

6 Mar , 2017  

Focus Groups

Focus groups have long been used by brands and marketing teams to better understand a customer’s perception of a certain topic. While most think they are simply a Q&A session, they are so much more and offer real, tangible value. With the right structure, planning and moderator, focus groups can become interactive and informative conversations […]

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Ebook: How Brands Are Using UX To Improve Customer Experience

24 Feb , 2017  


Customer experience – and getting it right – is the defining factor that is helping brands stand out in the digital space. In this day of technological advancement amid a deluge of digital marketing tactics, working hard to ensure your customer’s satisfaction is of prime importance in order to make an impact. There are a […]

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Creating A Strong Cross-Channel User Experience: Seven Pointers

20 Feb , 2017  


Customers interact with your business via several channels, and these aren’t necessarily distinct in their minds. Even if your business might think of ‘email marketing’ and ‘social marketing’ as separate processes, for the customer there is simply the ongoing relationship they build with your businesses. Here are seven pointers for creating a strong cross-channel user […]


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The New Customer Experience: Making Checkout Lines Obsolete

15 Feb , 2017  


Combining digital and offline, in-person experiences is giving businesses ways to make customer experience more convenient, personalised and satisfying than ever. Disruptive approaches to customer experience (such as Amazon’s self-service stores) are setting benchmarks for empowering the consumer. Here are four key points about where CX is headed now:   Online Is No Longer The […]


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Learning To Innovate From UX Principles

8 Feb , 2017  


Corporate environments are often hostile to innovation. Entrenched cultures of non-communication between departments, internal bottlenecks and rigid corporate values can make it difficult to try new things and embrace an agile, startup mentality. Here are UX principles you can apply to the way you do business to break away from less effective and outmoded organisational […]


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How Tech-Based Trends In Market Research Are Changing

1 Feb , 2017  

Market Research

The technological revolution has resulted in increasingly blurred lines between a customer’s online and in-store experience. This process has also given market researchers deeper insights into not just what and why consumers buy what they do, but also how they shop. Here are five pointers for capitalising on technology trends in market research:   Leverage […]


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Seven Market Research Trends for 2017

25 Jan , 2017  

Market Research

Rapidly changing technology coupled with shifting economic and political conditions make market research strategies shift and adapt. In 2017, executives in market research have predicted several emerging trends. These include: Greater Reliance On Research To Safeguard Against Uncertainty  Polling experts were blindsided by Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 race to the US presidency. In […]


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Using Customer Data to Enhance Customer Experience

23 Jan , 2017  

Enhancing Customer Experience

Companies often struggle to turn data insights into real-world customer experience improvements. Failure to move from research to implementation can be the result of poor communication between departments. Sometimes it’s also a matter of needing to ask better questions. Here are five tips for getting real-world results out of your customer data: Ask Relevant, Useful […]

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